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I am focusing on weight maintenance - not weight loss. I just don't want to GAIN weight, that's all.
I, too feel that diet is more significant in weight management. I am glad that that seems to be the consensus.
Girlygirl - I know you are concerned. The thing is, I am in a very unstable place right now with a lot of unknowns in my future and I think that exacerbates my worry about weight and food and everything else having to do with those. Without everything else being held constant, I can't very well focus, in a good way, on my eating...does that make sense? I still believe that I eat very well and don't deprive myself, but obviously I may think differently than others. I am still very thin, yes, but I definitely eat normally!
For example, here is what I ate today...
Breakfast: Banana, blueberries, large nonfat latte
Lunch: Pita with chicken salad made with cottage cheese (no mayo), tomato, relish, and topped with nonfat cheese
Snack: Frozen yogurt with sprinkles and mini chocolate rice cakes
Dinner: Chopped chicken salad (chicken, nonfat dressing, tomatoes, and a little cheese), piece of bread
Dessert: ???
I don't think this seems skimpy at all.
I really feel like my travelling will give me a chance to stop worrying so much about my weight and focus on other things for a while. I'm really looking forward to that...
Thanks for being concerned though.

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