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What's writ in stone: people who are allergic to lactose suffer badly if they eat it. A LOT of people have lactase deficiency.

Milk is a cheap, readily available, high protein food, that lends itself to a huge number of uses, and thus it's good. Many people have various sensitivities to some of it's components, and antibiotics are used with abandon in cows, and thus it's bad.

Personally, I use it sparingly and prefer it in it's fermented, lactose-free form...cheese, kefir, yoghurt (lower lactose.) For decades I got terrible cramps from milk but my intolerance is less now so I can drink 12 ounces in a shake a couple times a week (but occasionally even that still gives me diarrhea), but I have home-made kefir every day with no problems. I LOVE cheese but limit my love because it is a high saturated fat food.

Milk is ideally suited for a growing calf, not an adult human, but then we are omnivores and can adapt to a large variety of foods, none perfectly ideal.

Like most things, milk is an ok foood in moderation if you're not sensitive to it.

Ignore ad-campains from countries and states whose main industry is dairy; for financial reasons they'd recommend intravenous milk drips while we slept if they thought it would increase sales!
We have the "Got Milk" campaign in the states.

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