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This lemonade fast is knowna s the "master cleanser", it is a strict fast of NOTHING but distilled water, grade B maple syrup, fresh organic lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. You can have all the spring water and herbal tea you want also. The cayenne is heating and stimulates cleansing, the lemon cleanses the blood and the maple syrup is for sustance, because it has some trace minerals. The fast can be helpful in lossing weight, but it is dwesigned for cleasnsing toxins. It is supposed to last at least ten days, and HAS TO BEGIN AND END VERY CAREFULLY. Before you begin aliquid fast you should eat raw fruits and veggies for at least a day before hand. Breaking a fast is the hardest part, you should start the break by drinking diluted juice for a day or two, them raw fruits and veggies the next day, and then add a simple whole grain, like rice, and then protien, and small portiens until your body gets used to digestion again. Whew! It's alot of work.

I've done the fast before, but only for seven days. I do not reccomend it,altough it feels great and is helpful in cleansing, it is too high in SUGAR! This can compromise your blood sugar levels and is not so good. If anyone is intersted in doing a liquid cleanse, i would suggest a spirulina micro-algae fast. It has ALOT od vits and minerals as well as protien! A great cleasnse! But if you are going to fast, make sure to plan really well and be prepared.

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