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You would definitely benefit from a colonic or series of them, but as the other poster alluded to, you also have to do something to get your bowels under control, because the bloating and not going to the bathroom are both signs that your digestion and elimination are not working properly.

I would not recommend going to a medical doctor on this - they will only prescribe pills that will make it worse.

What I would do if I were you is:

A) get the colonic and ask the colon hydrotherapist some advice on a good program for a deep colon cleansing. They usually have great advice. Then, ask them about your diet and what they think you should change to help you eliminate better.

B) Next, and very important, get a good probiotic supplement to add beneficial bacteria to your colon. The best one I've ever tried is Primal Defense, I still take it. It is available easily at any Vitamin Shoppe or on the web.

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