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I won't claim to know exactly what will or will not work but I encourage you to NEVER give up on yourself :) The one thing that I know is that as a child you were at the mercy of your mothers ability to provide you with the nutrition that you needed, now you are an adult and are able to learn and make choices for yourself. Trial and error is what works for everyone and never totally abandon all those BAD foods all at once because you will only do yourself an injustice when your body starts to crave, (we all know it's only a matter of time before temptation gets the better of us) we get weak and loose control and indulge to soothe those craving pains and its only afterwards that you feel like all is lost, BUT ITS NEVER PERMANENT!!!! :) Pick yourself up and keep at it. I love chocolate too so I keep Hersheys dark chocolate kisses on hand and limit myself to 5 pieces max at any one sitting to satisfy my choc. craving (Discipline). My point is that moderation and knowing the value of what YOU choose as a source of nutrition for your body is key :) Go with what works. Eat the foods that you like that have good nutitional value. For Example, for breakfast I love Oatmeal, its healthy and pretty filling to boot. I use Quaker Oats, NOT the presweetend kind loaded with empty calories in the added sugar, I use an artifical sweetner or add raisins or bananas to sweeten mine and in doing so I am eating a food that, 1) I like 2) Good for me 3) Stays with me longer until my next meal or snack 4) etc..... You get me? :)

I want to motivate you to get out there and experiment and try new foods. Pick up a magazine or book on healthy foods. Read about certain foods that are obtainable in your local grocery stores, farmers market, etc. and go try them :)

Also, knowing this will help too, Eat a variety of Protein and carbs in your meals. Point is that if you consume too many carbs in your meal your insulin levels in your blood will rise to high and lower your blood sugar levels to a point lower than what they were before your meal, leaving you with an empty, drained, not satisfied feeling after what was supposed to be a SATISFYING meal right? Slowly fade out the junk and before you know it the new foods will have there place in your diet.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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