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I am a nutrition counselor and there are a few things I have learned about why the body craves foods. It is all nutrient related. Our body remembers the foods it gets minerals from. Ever crave ice - iron deficient; Chocolate - magnesium deficient ; the lists goes on. Women especially crave chocolate around their period due to the magnesium being lost during menstration. Children sometimes have a habit of eating lead based paint off the wall - addequate calcium and that will not happen. As we get out of the habit of normal eating schedules or healthy eating our bodies get confused and we seem to not be hungry but as soon as we begin feeding the body when it needs food then it lets you know when it needs more. When you have unidentified cravings then it is best to find a multi vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, phytonutrient supplement (angstrom sized liquid particles are the best due to immediate absorption into cells without going through digestion not collidial liquids or pills). When you start off the day with the correct nutrients needed for your body to function efficiently then amazingly enough your cravings leave and you are able to eat for the day you have planned. I like to eat for the day I have planned. Regular breakfast and snacks through the day if I am just sitting at my desk are fresh fruits and veggies. If I am sightseeing and shopping or maybe going to work out after work then I am going to eat a nice pasta salad with good omega or olive oil and some good organic protein source. Dinner is a bit tougher - if I am eating, watching tv and then bed then no way do I want a big meal but maybe a nice salad and fish and fruit so I give my digestive tract the fiber and oils and acid it needs to properly digest and do its job while I am sleeping. If I am going dancing or something then I will eat something with more carbs because I will need the energy. I hope I didn't go on too long but it is just so exciting to have the ability to give my body exactly what it needs to run smoothly and be healthy. :angel:

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