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Thanks everyone. To answer the first question, I am female.

GirlyGirl - I am especially interested in talking with you about this b/c I feel like you have put me in my place a few times before in the past.
I can't believe I am still letting this plague me!!!

Today has been a weird day. I want to give you an example of my thinking/eating patterns.
Woke up at 6:30am, ate breakfast (banana, small amount of bran cereal, nonfat yogurt) then went to work. I worked all day (until 3 or 4) and had a coffee, a few bites of sauteed mushrooms, and a couple sips of apple carrot juice (just random things that were made accidentally, etc...)
When I got home I wasn't even hungry, but at the same time I was starving (if you know what I mean). I guess I had passed the point of being hungry! So I ate 2 hard boiled egg whites, 3 rice cakes with lowfat cottage cheese and tomato, an apple, a couple handfuls of cashews, and some mango. Now it is 4pm, I am full, and I feel really gross about myself! Especially since it is so close to dinner time! I wish I just ate something really small so that I would be hungry for dinner with my roommates.

Anyway, I know that I am not really fat, but I constantly think "should I eat this? should I eat that? Is it ok if i dont go running?" and usually if I am more lenient with myself by saying "ok ill eat it" or "ok ill take the day off from running" i feel terrible. I can never just enjoy a pleasure!!! And I don't think I see myself as thin as I am.

Is what I ate today even that bad!? I don't know what to do's driving me crazy.....

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