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ls, yes! you should "go out and eat hamburgers if I feel like it, Stop running so much, Eat more in general!!" trust me, you won't get fat!

just for a little reference point since we're at the same height, basically the same weight and we're both runners: i am currently running only 3 miles 4 days a week, i'm not allowed to do excessive walking (no more than 1 - 1 1/2 miles per day) and i work a TOTALLY innactive desk job. for the past month or so i've been eating 2400-2500 calories a day (not rounded, those are the real numbers) and i haven't gained a pound!! i've even lost a little in some of the weeks. now, keeping in mind that i'm in therapy to try to gain weight and recover, i've just added another 400 calories to my daily diet, putting me at 2800-2900 every day. and yes, that's A LOT of food. and it involves pizza and peanut butter and ice cream and donuts and all that. i still eat healthy fruits, veggies, meats, grains, but i get LOTS of good stuff too! anyway, i'm not trying to brag, i'm just trying to tell you that as much as it doesn't seem like it, you can eat WAY more calories than you think. i ate only 2000 for a long time also, but as we keep increasing my calories, my weight keeps staying at 124 lbs. (too light, i know!), so i'm realizing that i can eat a lot more than i thought i could! heck, i weighed myself this morning (after 1 week on my 2800-2900 diet) and i haven't even gained a pound!

i know this might seem like unhealthy information and i'm in no way trying to brag or say that i'm any closer to recovery than you are (i'm not any closer to NOT counting calories, i just count a lot more of them, lol!) I'm basically just trying to give you a real person example of how many calories you CAN take in and not gain (and a pretty good comparison, since our bodies probably look nearly identical and we both run for exercise)

so here's some suggestions (and believe me, I KNOW how hard these kind of changes can be):

1. Don't run every day (i'm not sure, but i think you said you did). first of all, you're never supposed to run more than 5 days straight (even if you're training) because it's too hard on your body and you can seriously injure yourself. try to cut it down to 4 miles, 4 days a week. trust me, you'll feel like a lazy slob for the first week, but all of the sudden you'll realize you LIKE running shorter distances and having more days when you don't have to run. you could even cut more than that, but that would be a good starting point. one way to avoid the "lazy slob" feeling is to go for a relaxing morning walk (i only do one mile) on the days you don't run. it wakes you up just as well and you don't feel inactive and icky all day!

2. try, just for one week to eat 2200 calories a day. just try it! you can always go back down if you feel too gross after a whole week. eat good nutritious food (including yummies like pb!) and dessert every day! just do it! (heck, i eat 400-500 calories of dessert everyday . . . it's my favorite "meal!")

i'd really suggest trying those things. your weight is WAY too low (like mine, "medically risky" according to my therapist) and you've gotta gain or at least not lose anymore. i can guarantee that 4 days of 4 mile runs plus 2200 calories a day won't make you gain, but it's a good starting point to stop you from losing (hopefully, it may not be quite enough). then, every week or two, add a little bit more food or do a little less exercise. just see how your body reacts.

good luck! this is super hard, but apparently female runners who are six feet tall can eat A LOT and not gain!

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