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My diet ok???
Jan 11, 2006
Something isn't right here.... I go to the gym and do the eliptical for 30 min 3-4x a week. I eat right, but not 100% right. I offically started my diet the week before new years...however I ate a lot of no no's since then...soo I re-started a few days ago.

How long before I notice changes?

Another 300 calories, 300 calories? For example (I wouldn't do this, but just curious) for lunch, instead of having a 300 calorie healthy choice frozen meal, I had a 300 calorie candy bar....does it have the same effect? I don't understand, it's still 300 cal right? This was my diet today...any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Breakfast- trail mix bar 130 cal (It's usually a banana, but ran out today)

strawberries & blackberries-handful

small handful of whole wheat chex dry cereal

Lunch- healthy choice dinner- 320 cal

Dinner- (it's always what mom makes) I had a manwich sandwich...Instead of a bun I had it on 2 pieces of light wheat bread (40 cal each slice).

4 pieces of cucumber plain

*Went to gym, worked off 340 cal*

Late night-cup of tea and 40 cal popsicle (I'm usually starving at this time!!)

So that was my day....too much food, too little???? not good choices?

THANKS! :jester:

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