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It might not do anything to you. Then again, it might catch up to you.

I ate the way you described all through my 20s. Never gained any weight, thought I felt fine. As soon as I hit 30, the weight just piled on. At 33, I started experiencing problems, GI problems (heartburn, constipation, diarrhea), kidney stones (thanks to all the soda I used to drink) and severe left flank pain, which the doc thought was either stomach, intestinal or pancreatic. Either way, I was going to have to shell out thousands to have tubes put up my butt and down my throat to find out for sure. Oh, yeah...way high cholesterol, too, from all the fast food, fried and sugary processed foods (my idea of a veggie was either a french fry or corn on the cob).

Due to not having thousands for the tubes, I asked if there was anything I could do in the meantime to at least alleviate a few of these symptoms. We talked about diet and exercise. I came to these boards, read a ton, spoke with others "in the know" about healthy living, and within a few weeks of cleaning up my diet, I felt incredible. No more pains, GI/bowels were normal. Plus, I didn't even realize how much I had gotten used to other aspects of my poor health:

Skin complexion greatly improved,
Hair is soft and vibrant again,
Energy levels are through the roof,
Sleep is real sleep; not just tossing and turning,
Foods taste better (whole foods I'm talking about),
Lost weight,
Saved money (I find junk/fast food/prepackaged processed foods cost more),
Found a whole new world of enjoyable foods I thought I "didn't like",
I guess my teeth hurt and I'd just gotten used to it,
Tums is in the garbage; haven't needed it in months,

Taking a ton of pills before I was even 40, being sore, stiff and sluggish all the time, looking 20 years older than I am, being scared of a heart attack or stroke with high cholesterol, serious weight gain -- again, that magic number of 30 years old -- and all that's associated with being overweight, i.e., diabetes in particular, and having tubes in orifices at an age I consider young were the risks that caught my eye.

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