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Power Bar (300 cals, 4 carbs, 35 protein)" You've got potein and sugar

"Apple" This is a wise choice and counts as fiber and fruit.

"2 cups cabbage with rice vinegar (0 cals)" You've got a filler, but it is also a vegie.

"Light Nonfat Yogurt (100 cals)" You've got protein and calcium, so it's a nice choice.

"Orange" Great choice, lots of potasium and vit. C

"Broccoli (1 cup)" Good choice, you've got calcium and a really nice green vegie.

Egg whites (4 tbsp) Ok...You've got protien, but that's it. How about changing this to 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. The yolk is good for you too. Sure it has a little fat, but your body does need at least 10% fat for you have nice skin and good eyes. 1 whole egg only has 9 total grams of fat and that is a lot less than a hamburger, so enjoy the egg.

"Nonfat cheddar cheese (45 cals)" Ok...I don't know how you can eat the fat-free cheese, but more power to you. You've got protein and calcium here.

"3 slices deli meat ham (40 cals)" All protein and lots of salt. Fresh chicken breasts would be a better alturnative or even tuna fish would be better for more of a variety.

"Smart pop 100 cal popcorn bag" Ok, so you've got your fiber, iron, and carbs.

If this is all you eat in one day, you really need to reconsider your diet. Definately not enough food or cals. as the previous poster said. Protien content is just fine, but there really aren't enough complex carbs like rice, pasta, and potatoes. You're body does need starch too. If you just keep your calories at 1500-1800 per day. You should not gain any weight with all the exercising you do. You might even be able to eat a little more. The only way you'd gain a lot of weight would be if you pigged out on fast food and junk food every week. Just relax and eat sensible and enjoy your meals. I eat way more than you and I only weigh 115. (I exercise too.)

How about a meal plan like this....

Bkf - Orange juice, yogurt, 1 slice of toast with jelly/light spread on it. (Preferably whole wheat)

Morn. Snack - Apple

Lunch - tuna sandwich or ham sandwich or pepper sandwich or egg sandwich with 1 fruit, and 1 serving of pretzels or rice cakes.

Supper - baked potato, chicken breast, broccoli, and a salad. (Another words: 1 serving of meat/fish, 1 starch, and 1 or 2 serving of vegies.)

Night Snack - popcorn

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