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I am not an expert on diet, but I can share my recent experience.

I started eating a healthy diet on Jan 15th of this year. 5 meals a day. Measuring your portions and eating a balanced diet is very important.

Grocery shopping takes much longer as I am now reading labels (which are very deceptive). Just because it says low fat, doesn't mean it is good for you. I've learned to take calories, carbs and sodium all into account before buying a product.

For the first time the "dieting" has been so easy for me. A typical day of meals for me: cereal and low fat milk with a few blueberries (Breakfast) : Low Fat Yogurt (snack) : brown rice w/chicken and veggies (lunch) : Low fat/low sodium crackers and dried fruit (snack) : spinach salad for dinner (low fat dressing, no eggs, with extra veggies added. I allow myself one coffee a day and drink a minimum of 36 oz of water a day.

I'm never hungry and I have lost 36 pounds in 60 days.

My lesson - there are no secrets to a healthy diet. Gimmicks do not work. Just watch your portions and what it is you are putting in your body. You will lose weight and your energy level will increase and your overall health will improve.

Regarding your family: Sit down and speak with them. Explain how important their support is to you right now. That you know they only want the best for you but when they offer fried food, etc., it is hurting you in your goal of becoming more healthy.

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