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New diet?
Mar 17, 2006
I just started, this week, a new "diet" or way of eating. What I do is eat as soon as I get up in the morning either a small cup of GOOD cereal or a piece of fruit, like a banana or an apple. Then at work I bring with me three apples and a small, one slice of wheat bread folded in half jelly sandwich and I eat the apples around it. Like I'll eat an apple at 9, then 12, then 3 I eat lunch, then at 6 I eat supper. My supper's are usually standard suppers I eat at home, like pasta, chicken, stir fry, etc, you know? Anything my mom makes and I usually eat a little snack with the dinner like a cup of trail mix or chips or something. When I go out to eat, I usually pick the healthiest thing there is on the menu and really watch my portion sizes, which is tough with some of the restaurants I eat out at and the frequency I do, but I feel I'm making good strides with that recently. And sometimes I have a little snack after supper like a small bowl of cereal or a scoop of ice cream/frozen yogurt or a piece of fruit before bed. I exercise vigoruously every other day lifting weights and doing the ellyptical machine (both of which combine to be about an hour-hour and a half long workout), so I workout at least 4 times a week.

Does this sound okay? I gained a *little* bit of weight over the holidays and after that, so I'm trying to slim down some. I'm 22 years old and I weight 165 and am 6'0" tall. I'm not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, just my stomach has looked "full" and not as toned and my abs aren't as tight, so I'm trying to re-tone up and get back into the shape I was in the summer and early fall. Because I recently went through a long long stretch of bad eating and uncontrolled eating binges and I'm trying to put my foot down this week. Thanks.

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