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[QUOTE=stephanieadams]bacon is basically a strip of pork fat treated with chemicals and nitrates. not only are the chemicals, nitrates and fat bad for you, but the growth hormones that they inject live stock with these days is disgusting!! Eating it every day - even just 2 strips is a bad idea. Why do you think that they advise pregnant women to stay away from deli-meats? They are bad bad bad bad![/QUOTE]

bacon doesn't have to be all that. buying organic back bacon and trimming the fat off (bacon isn't just fat) provides you with quite a lean source of protein that is a good source of B-vitamins, zinc and iron. organic meat won't be full of the the growth hormones that conventially produced meat contains, and contains much lower levels of nitrates also. non-smoked meats are much lower in salt than smoked. but if you have a health issue where you need to keep your sodium intake to a minimum (eg. high blood pressure) then avoid excessive bacon intake. otherwise, organic bacon in moderate amounts, i.e, two smalls pieces a day, in my opinion is fine. just make sure you're picky over the quality of the meat you buy. be wise, be healthy, be happy (aka alex) ;) . :)

alex the smallex :D

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