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Caveman Diet
Apr 2, 2006
Anyone ever heard of this? Due to my allergy condition worsening without explaination, (environmental and food), my ENT/Allergist is making me go on this diet as a process of elimination to find the culprit. (I'll bet I have an overgrowth of Candida in my system) Basically on this diet I can eat:
-meats (organic and not a problem because I eat organic as a rule)
-Fruits (not a problem)
-Vegetables (I could live on veggies!)
-Nuts (no peanuts, and not a problem cause I always snack on nuts)
-Berries (again, not a problem)

I can't eat:
-Grains (I'm allergic to them anyway, so no problem)
-Beans (I LOVE beans, and chocolate falls in this category as well)
-Potatos (I can deal with this as I don't eat them very often)
-Dairy (This one is a killer for me! I love my milk, butter, whey, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt)
-Sugar (another hard one)
-Eggs (another problem as I LOVE my egg whites)

It'll be interesting to see how my body deals with this as like I said before, I'll bet I have Candida overgrowth, and I bet it's causing problems with my allergies and also with my weight. I've gained about 10lbs in the last 6 months, 15 in total in the last year, and that is completely out of the norm for me because I eat healthy, whole, clean foods, every 2-3 hours, I drink at least a gallon of water a day, and I exercise. My weight used to fluctuate within a 5lb range, but now all I seem to do is gain. If I had to pick my weaknesses,(most likely offenders!) they would be dairy, sugar (chocolate) and salt. I don't eat fried, fatty, processed foods with ingredients a paragraph long, I don't drink soda or juice, and I don't keep junk food in the house because I WILL EAT IT IF IT's SWEET! The only sweets in my house are my son's cereal which I have been known to eat by handfull when the sugar urge strikes, despite the fact that I pay the price because they are loaded with corn...the food that I am MOST allergic to. Thank goodness I don't do that often!

I have to begin this diet IN FULL April 10th, (after the holiday) but until then I'm going to do my best to phase out the dairy and the sugar. To help phase out the sugar I'll have to phase out my brown rice and beans because I've noticed I crave suger more after ingesting carbs. (Thank goodness I don't eat bread or pasta!) Ugh, and I don't know what I'll do without my egg whites.

As far as Calcium goes, what has Calcium besides the dark green leafy vegetables? I'll certainly need to compensate when I nix the dairy. (I'm a 33yr old woman)

Any comments or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!


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