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I'm trying to incorporate fish into my diet - esp. salmon - but don't know how to cook it. What should I do with the salmon steaks I just bought?

Too late I guess.

My fave is to use cajun spice or just plenty of cayenne...
If youu sdon;t care for that spicy, shake on Seafood Seasoning (from the $Dollar Store)
Sear the fish in about a TBSP of butter and a Tbsp of your favorite high temp oil (canola, peanut, corn.) Soy and olive don't taste right.

Do both sides on high heat in a teflon pan til slightly blackened and fish is ALMOST threatening to flake (5 minutes per side?). If you like it rarer (some people do) go less time.
More time if very thick steaks.

Quick and easy!
hey another recommendation is to look up recipes for stuff you don't ordinarily cook online. there are some GREAT recipe websites out there and many post reviews from other cooks (so you can actually know if its good!), nutrition facts, servings, etc. i LOVE, which has TONS of excellent recipes and all that stuff i listed above. just a suggestion, cuz that's what i do when i'm trying to cook something "new!"
I grill salmon. You need make sure it has the skin on one side that way it holds together on the grill. Also rub canola or another healthy oil on the salmon and the grill so it doesn't stick. I notice salmon tastes fishy to me. I am sure fresh salmon from the ocean is not fishy tasting but I can't get that so I have to buy it at the grocery store. Grilling it covers up that fishy taste. I put canola oil, dill, lemon juice, red pepper on it before grilling and it tastes great. If you let it sit on that for a half hour the flavor gets stronger of the seasonings.
Salmon is such a greasy fish, that I would never add any oil to it. If you're going for an asian dish (like having this accompany rice and a veggie stir fry), I would poach it in water or broth seasoned with a liberal helping of soy sauce, fresh minced ginger and garlic. If you want something more American/French (could go with say potatoes, corn, asapargus) try poaching the salmon steaks in white wine (cooking wine) and garlic with some water to cut the intense wine flavor. Salmon is also excellent grilled, which other posters mentioned, but that's not always an option depending on where you live and what time of year it is. Above anything else, I would never fry salmon. Have fun!

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