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Re: Kefir
Apr 22, 2006
Kefir is a cultured, enzyme-rich food filled with friendly micro-organisms that help balance your "inner ecosystem." More nutritious and therapeutic than yogurt, it supplies complete protein, essential minerals, and valuable B vitamins.
I have MS and constipation is a ms problem, I drink a glass of Kefir every morning and it helps me very much

The kefir that I buy comes in Blueberry, Peach, Strewberry, Raspberry and plain.

It is delicious and good for you!! :)
Re: Kefir
Apr 26, 2006

I bought some Kefir yesterday, one "bio" version from the health-food store, and one from the supermarket. I expect to try them today or tomorrow, and I'll let you know how it tastes and whether I want to pursue making my own.

I had a nice discussion with the lady who runs the health-food store (who by now expects me to ask odd questions like how to find teff and pomegranat juice). She says she can order a culture (similar to joghurt culture), but if I want the grains I should put up a notice on their board asking for some from anyone who has too much and wants to share. She says there are two kinds of grains, one that grows in milk and one that grows in water -- she seemed to imply that one could create a water-based kefir, geting the good organisms without the milk -- perhaps this is for vegans or for those who cannot tolerate ANY milk products. She says I can put in my notice that I'm looking for Kefirpilz (Pilz means fungus). I'll put both Pilz and Körner in my request just for good measure!).

Food adventures are fun!


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