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Hi, Nick :wave:

I see you like Mexican food...whoo-hoo, "fiesta time"!!! I love it, too, and IMO, if you're going to eat out at a quick place, depending on what you order, Mexican can be very healthy. Assuming you're not talking about Taco Bell, but a family-type place, ask what type of fat they use. Most in my corner of the world use pure canola oil or olive oil, which is good. Avoid partially-hydrogenated oils, tho, which some restaurants use...usually like big chains, not mom & pop joints.

As for beef tacos, personally I get the lean steak kind or chicken. Unless I buy the meat myself and know it's lean, I try to stay away from hamburger meat at restaurants. Soft flour tortillas, I've heard, are healthier than fried corn taco shells. Use the guacamole and sour cream in moderation, as well as the cheese...a little is fine!

You can also buy chicken breast or lean steak, cut it up with some sweet onions & peppers, sautee it in a little olive oil, sprinkle some cumin, salt & pepper on it (a little red pepper if you're daring and like things hot), add a little water when it's cooking if it seems dry and you've got the base for fajitas, or just put the mixture on a plate with some lettuce, tomato, fresh cilantro, a squirt of lime juice and a sprinkle of cheese. It makes for very easy lunches later, too.

If you do steak, cook the veggies longer than the steak!

Hmm..big meals for me. Yesterday:

Breakfast -- steel cut oats with a teaspoon of brown sugar, 8 oz glass of OJ, small little cup of 2 percent cottage cheese.

Lunch -- Hummus with roasted pine nuts on two palm-sized pitas with sliced pepperocinis on top and an apple.

Dinner -- roasted chicken with a fresh basil/fresh garlic pesto, basmati rice seasoned with salt, pepper, splash of fresh OJ and fresh orange zest, green beens seasoned with light butter and dill...served with a pinot gris from Oregon (Elk Cove 2004).

Good luck :)

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