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I"m not in America, but on tv it's always discussed how there are so many very over weight people in America and then they go on to talk about fast food outlets and how so many people take advantage of those. I think fast food has done a lot of damage world wide. People used to eat a lot more wholesome food once upon a time. My parents would never let me buy Mcdonalds when i was a kid or anything like that and my mother ALWAYS had a home cooked meal made every single night of the week, plus salads/vegetables to go with it. We rarely if ever ate desserts, they were a treat not a daily occurance. We only ever used olive oil, no butter or vegetable oils for cooking. No sugar high fizzy drinks, that was only for visiters. As a child i simply followed what my parents did. To this day i have no craving for ice cream. I might eat a Mcdonalds burger once in two years. If i eat out i buy healthy. I rarely even buy take away for myself. If it's too late to cook i'll make a toasted sandwich and a side salad. I might have a glass of wine or fruit juice, herbal tea or water to drink. I do like ordinary tea and will have a instant coffee a few times per week.

So you see, it's not about how much you weight, it's about eating healthy, sensibly, knowing where to draw the line, knowing what certain foods/beverages will do to you. Sure if you go overboard it's likely you will end up the size of a house, especially if your metabolism is very slow.

So going back to the French and Europeans in general, sure some might be plump and others are thin, but you wont see the types of obese people you will get in eg: England, America, Australia. Europeans eat healthy and you wont see them gorging themselves in fast food outlets or buying take out virtually each day of the week for lunch or dinner. The ingredients they cook with are fresh, rarely canned or frozen and the odd glass of wine doesn't harm anybody.

So all in all, i think it's the way you cook your foods, the types of foods you consume and the amount of foods you consume when it comes to processed and fatty foods. Everything must have a healthy balance and then it wont hurt to have the odd hamburger and fries or dessert. As someone once said "take the T out of diet and what do you get......"

One last thing, i have seen on tv recently that a particular gene has been discovered which makes some people obese. This gene stops the person from knowing when to stop eating and they feel they have to eat non stop.

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