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I'm looking to reduce the size of my gut. I know eggs are healthy but can fried eggs without adding any oil onto the pan be healthy?

That applies to other foods, if you fry them without oil are they still healthy?
Eggs are not healthy. The yolk alone is two points on WW.
on the contrary a recent study by the Pennington Biological research Centre showed that eggs can help people to lose weight. they are packed full of protein and the yolk is a fine source of chromium. both of which help to stabalise blood sugar levels, thus preventing in between meal hunger pangs which result in snacking. one group were given egg on toast and the other a less healthy breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. both had the same number of calories, yet the egg group ate 22% less calories at lunch than the bagel group. eggs are packed full of other nutrients too: lethithin, b vits, iron, zinc, vitamins a and d. fried without oil- i see no reson for this to be unhealthy. eggs cook in a flash this way.

Fried eggs, with or without a 1/2 tsp of vegetable oil in the pan is a healthy dieters friend...a high protein/calorie ratio food that is cheap and delicious.

The only concern about eggs is the cholesterol raising effect of too many. This is proven fact (even admitted by the egg board.) The effect is slight so there really should be no difficulty eating 6 eggs a week. (A dozen might not be wise if you have any heart disease risks.)
I eat 2 eggs every day---yolks and all--fry them with extra virgin olive oil (I don't use any other kind of oil anyway). My cholesterol is low and I've managed to maintain a healthy weigh. I think eating them in the early morning helps---of course making breakfast the biggest meal of the day.

Try not worry too much. The more you worry, the worse it gets. As long as you're active with exercise (exercise key), you should be OK with eating your eggs a little fried and be able to lose weight healthy.

Hi - I have to disagree with bluejbirdie, to say eating high cholesterol foods will not give you high cholesterol, but eating high cholesterol food if you have high cholesterol will raise it! This makes no sense, you have contradicted your point.

I have high cholesterol, and so try to limit my intake of high cholesterol foods!

Eggs are fairly high in fat, but if you fry an egg in lard, rapeseed oil, butter etc, the fat content will increase!

If you wish to fry an egg, then I recommend using Extra virgin olive oil, which is good fat, and in itself is healthy. Frying an egg this way, is not any less healthier than boiling or poaching an egg.

Regarding frying other foods such as bacon, bacon as you know has its own fat, which is bad, you don't need to fry bacon, grill it and some of the animal fat will leave the meat.

Good luck :)
[QUOTE=gooner]I'm looking to reduce the size of my gut. I know eggs are healthy but can fried eggs without adding any oil onto the pan be healthy?

That applies to other foods, if you fry them without oil are they still healthy?[/QUOTE]

Hi gooner and all:

May I have a say here, too?

First thing: perhaps I didn't understand the question? Or maybe it is my poor English or my ignorance about cuisine, but I wonder how one can say that they are frying eggs without oil? Doesn't frying always include the use of oil? Frying without oil is, in my opinion, not frying at all, but rather cooking or heating or boiling, what do I know?

Second thing: I entirely agree with Jenn121 - the most important thing about eggs is that they must be organic or free-range. White or commercial eggs have little nutritional value, if compared with "true" eggs.

Thirdly: I think the best (or healthiest) way to eat eggs is to poach or soft boil them. Not that frying is typically unhealthy, but it shouldn't be done every day, in my opinion. And if you fry eggs, use olive or peanut oil, which best tolerate high temperatures.

Fourthly: I agree that (free-range) eggs are excellent food, rather inexpensive and very practical. Everyone should try to eat eggs regularly, and it must be the whole egg, unless you are alergic to them. This often happens with commercial eggs.

Lastly, I think that what raises the level of bad cholesterol is first of all overeating and permanent eating (grazing), and especially overeating junk food and unhealthy carbs. Stay away from these, and you'll be ok.


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