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:) If you are on a true low-fat diet, then you have to read the labels. Nuts and baked Lays or baked Doritos are not low-fat. They are lower in fat than regular chips, but not low enough for a low-fat diet. There are a lot of misleading things out there. Other misleading items are those Snack Well products, they aren't low -fat either. That is were my sister made her mistake and I had to straighten her out. Low-fat diets are really ment to help you lower cholesterol rather than loose weight, but some people do loose weight on them. The key for a low-fat diet to work is that you must count both calories and total fat grams, not just sat. fat and trans. fats. The percentage of the total fat you intake should be lower than 30% of your total cal. Mine is between 10-25%. I average 1400 cal. and 16-27 g. total fat per day. I weight 115 lbs. The math is something else too, because 1 g. fat = 9 cal. So you might want to check with your doctor to find out how many cal. you should be eating. Also, you have to excerise 45-60 min. per day. It's a life style change and not a fad diet. Don't forget to count serving sizes and not your own idea of what a serving is. If you eat cheese, it has to be low-fat. Fat-free cheese taste aweful.

Low-fatters eat a lot of food, because its mostly fruits and veggies. My co-workers often complain that I'm always eating. I also, find them copying me. (They now buy Jenny-O turkey bacon for lunch time bacon sandwiches.)

Snacking: Yes, I snack. It's snack or be hungry. As I said nuts are not a snack; however, they are considered a meat substitute. Nuts are lower in fat than lean beef. I try to keep my snacks to 3 g. total fat or less. Low-fat snacks are: fruit, veggies, (You can aways snack on celery sticks or carrot sticks with fat-free dip or fat-free dressing.) rice-cakes, pretzels, (pretezels are naturally low-fat, except for Combos.) fat-free chips, baked torillia chips with 1 g. total fat with salsa, raisins, low-fat granola bars, popcorn, fudge cycles, sherbet, fat-free ice-cream or fat-free frozen yogurt with canned Hersey's chocolate syrup, (The bottled stuff has fat in it.) and beef jerky.

If you must have a slice of pizza for a meal, then choose one with veggie toppings or no topping. (No meat toppings, because they are loaded with fat.) Subway really is the better choice of fast-food places. If at Wendy's, order the chilli. Try not to eat out too much.

Here's what I ate yesterday: Bkf.: coffie, 1 english muffin with fat-free strawberry cream cheese spread, and blueberries with fat-free whipped topping....Morn. snack: low-fat granola bar......Lunch: water, tomato sandwich with light mayo, fat-free chips, and a peach......Super: O.J. and salad in a mixing bowl, (Salad: fat-free ranch dressing, romain lettuce, pasta spirals, onion, fresh tomato, green peper, celery, tuna packed in water and rinsed, and carrots.).......Night snack: popcorn.

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