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:wave: Nope, healthy living really isn't frustrating once you figure out how. First of all your total cholesterol isn't that bad. You just need to keep it below 200. Those 4 extra points could have been caused by anything, including stress or your HDL (good cholesterol) might be up. If your LDL is over 130, then you can start worrying. There is a lot that factors into your diet and exercise, besides just quiting fast food. There can even be hidden fats in your diet.

Diet: You must keep your total fat intake down below 30% of your total daily calories and your sat. fat below 10%. (Yes, you need to count cal. and fat intake.) The problem is that 1 g. of fat does not equal 1 cal. .......1 g. fat = 9 cal. I take in 1400 cal. and am allowed between 16-38 g. fat, but I only take in 16-27 g. of fat, because that is what keeps my cholesterol in check. A good rule of thumb is to try and eat single servings, eat meal item must not be in the double digits for total fat, (Try to keep the fat for meals in the single digits.) and snacks must contain less than 3 g. of total fat. (That means eat lots of fruit and vegies.) Omega oils are in salmon and certain nuts like walnuts and almonds and flax seed, but that didn't work for I have to count all fats. Omega oils/fats are a substitute for sat. fats so if you have nuts for super, no meat. Nuts are your meat. No skin on the chicken or turkey and only eat white meat. All read meat must be supper lean and eaten once in a while, not everyday.

Excersize: You must exercise at least 60 min. per day.

Hope this helps.

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