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[QUOTE=tealdreams]veganism is fine if your body can handle it and if you are doing it properly. EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT! if you are getting gas, that is your body's way of saying that something is NOT right. no healthy person will get bloating and noticable gas from the food they eat! its good that you are researching and finding out different things that you could eat or not eat to help prevent this.

Please do not disregard what i am saying because i am a meat eater...i do believe that veganism is a very good life style...if it is dont properly! eating soy based products and a ton of grains and packaged foods is NOT doing it healthily or properly. i would like you to take a look at the ingrediants of the "mock meat" products you are eating. i bet you will not be able to pronounce a handful of the ingredience? how is filling your body with chemicals better and more healthy that eating meat? its not. your body does not know how to process these chemicals as they are not a natural thing. it puts your liver into overtime and may be the cause of your gassy bloating and could lead to other dangerous health problems in the future. Soy is also a fictional health product. if it is prepared properly and fermented it does have health benefits, but nothing that comes in a package, bottle or bag that is made of soy has these benefits. Soy is also one of the most genetically modified "food" products in the world and has estrogen mimiking properties in it that are terrible to be putting into your body.

the most important thing to remember is that natural is always best. read ingredient. if there are things you cant pronounce, then its something you do not want to put into your body. you are making a big step to become healthy. why throw out all the hard work by filling yourself with chemicals! there are many many raw "cook" books that have AMAZING vegan recipes that are made from all natural ingredients and taste wonderful without all the chemicals! please dont ruin your healthy intentions with those cheap, packaged products[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your reply! :)

I do know that in general, healthy people have gas up to 10 times a day on average. Gas isn't bad necessarily, as I was just wondering what causes it in the beginning of veganism/diet change. I'm not bloated at all though. Beans are also very good for you and I think that's what it's from because I am incorporating healthy food into my diet, like beans, and they cause gas due to high fiber. Veganism of course wouldn't be good if not done properly, but that's with all diets, for each one of us, regardless of whether we consume meat or dairy or not.

As for the ingredients in mock meat products, there aren't many differences from vegetables and other healthy foods. Most of it is just soy and I am fairly familiar with what everything is, so that's reassuring! :) Most of what I am eating is organic and all-natural, so the very few chemicals I am actually putting into my body are far better than eating meat and the many health concerns meat cause, not to mention they have chemicals in them in addition to that. I do know for a fact that consuming soy is better than consuming meat products, and while it's almost impossible for any of us to be 100% healthy, my goal is to be healthier than I was when eating meat and letting it rot in my body and ruin my health.

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