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Hi there, I had a very similiar thing happen to me, except it happened with a naturapathic doctor. I also have IBS (or had lol) and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this kind of diet. Nothing else was working at all and I was losing tons of weight and feeling constantly sick to my stomach, so this diet got me my life back. Mine is a bit different but I am able to eat organic chicken, turkey, and fish. Lots of organic steamed veggies as well and brown rice and eggs. Only good kinds of oils (coconut and olive oil), berries, and almonds. Probiotics are really helpful too. They help kill bad bacteria by flooding the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria.

To clear up some confusion, this homeopath is suggesting a diet that is very alkaline. The idea behind this is that acidic diets cause disease while alkaline ones prevent or cure them. What I don't get though is why this person isn't suggesting chicken, yet says all seafood is ok. From what I understand, shellfish (lobsters, shrimp, etc) are scavengers and are not good for eating because they contain parasites and viruses. I am glad though that this person didn't suggest eating pork, which tends to be another one that has parasites and are disease-causing. Many times parasites/viruses on pork aren't even killed by cooking. For someone who is just starting out on this, I also understand why they didn't suggest eating beef because it is harder to digest for someone who already has digestion problems. She may be able to eat this again later on.

Now, gluten intolerance is more common than people might think, so that was a smart thing to suggest eliminating. Even for people that don't have Celiac disease, it is very good to avoid because it causes huge spikes in blood sugar levels and can make people overweight. The starchy veggies you mentioned also have a huge effect on blood sugar too. I am not supposed to have them for this reason. I am sure you can guess some of the reasons for no dairy, although eggs are a bit puzzling. They are great for Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and other vitamins that cannot be found in vegetables. Is she sensitive to eggs?

I hope this info was helpful to you. I've had to learn a lot about this kind of diet so if you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them. Hope your Mom starts to feel better!

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