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Well, it looks like everyone else has thrown in their own wonderful suggestions already, so I'm probably a little late to be contributing...but I will, anyway :D : I just wanted to tell you that you might need to increase your protien intake in order to help build, and maintain, your muscles. You run a lot, so you need more protein-rich foods to help keep your body going.

Also, don't go by a scale or how thin you are. Remember that you can be thin [I]and[/I] unhealthy at the same time ;) . For some reason, I have been associating those Special K-type cereals with extremely thin, fragile looking people in my mind, so I cannot ever convince myself to buy something like this (just an example). Personally, I want to be strong and healthy, and I suspect that you do, too, so take care of your body--eat enough fruits, veggies, proteins and fats to keep your system in check.


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