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Is this safe?
Feb 25, 2007
Is just drinking water and eating fruit for lunch and breakfast but having a normal meal for dinner healthy I am trying to lose weight... I need ways to cut my snacking habits.. My family always stocks the cabnits with junk food I dont knwo how to resist
Re: Is this safe?
Feb 25, 2007
No it's not. You're body will be missing out on a lot of nutrients. I have to lose about 35 lbs. I went veg. last year and because of that it's hard to get a lot of iron rich foods and you miss out on the b vitamins. I have suffered because of it, and now I don't eat a lot of meat, and I can tell I am low on iron and b vitamins. So, I have to add stuff to my diet. At some moments I am so weak, I feel I could pass out. Plus, I was getting all tingly feelings everywhere. So, my advice to you is for breakfast you could do a smoothie with juice and put frozen berries in it and some yogurt (if you like it), then for a mid-afternoon snack you could do fresh fruit and a handful of nuts (if you're not allergic), then for lunch I would eat a decent size salad of raw spinach, romaine lettuce and any raw veggies you like and squeeze lemon over it with some olive oil. You should add a protein to it, such as tuna, chicken, or steak. Then for dinner I would have a salad full of veggies same as lunch if you wanted or you could do it without and then have grilled fish, chicken, lean red meat occasionally, and a steamed veggie. I would add some kind of whole grain like a good whole wheat rice or something or red potatoes. Eating mostly raw veggies and fruits will help detox your body as well. Plus, drink plenty of water through out the day. If you get hungry between meals, drink water or if you need something grab a piece of fruit or raw veggies. Raw Peanut butter is great. Lots of enzymes in there. This has done wonders for me. I have to keep up with adding meat though.
Re: Is this safe?
Mar 18, 2007
Try eating your most calorie meal in the morning, oatmeal with skim milk, high grain bread, toasted with jelly and some fruit. For lunch, try grilled chicken or fish with some fresh veggies and another fruit. Have a light dinner of salad and a small portion of grilled or baked chicken, turkey or fish. Snack lightly in between meals on air popped popcorn, any fruit or veggies. Exercise in the morning if you can, it helps you burn fat all day long. Try for more exercise in the afternoon or after dinner, such as a brisk walk. No snacking after 7 or 8 p.m. Junk food isn't good for you or your family, slowly try to get it out of the house. Doing it all at once would be a huge shock to them if they've always had it. But the best way to look after your health is to look after theirs as well. Good luck to you with your weight lose. It will come off, just didn't go on in a day and it won't come off in a day either. Be patient with yourself. You going in the right direction so be proud of that.

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