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I am an avid calorie counter so I check ALL the nutrition labels on my food. THere's a quickie meal that I like that has me a bit confused.
I heat a wheat tortilla (120 calories) for a few minutes in the oven til steamy hot but still soft, and meanwhile toss a Sandwich Steak (Quaker Maid or a competitor) into a Teflon skillet and brown on both sides for a minute or two each side. Then I roll the pressed beef wafer into the tortilla with a tsp of hot salsa (insignificant calories.) It makes a yummmy wrap. Two of these is a substantial lunch.

Here's my problem:
The nutrition label says that each pressed "steak" is 120 calories of which 90 are fat calories...NOT good food. (but fast and delicious.) The fat oozes out as soon as it hits the hot skillet and I give a little squeeze with a large spatula at the end and mop with a paper towel.
How do I count the calories?
I can go by the label and count 120 or eyeball the fat lost to the pan and subtract. It is considerable because I can see about 2 tsp. of grease come off each "steak." Since all fat is about 100 calories per Tbsp (3 tsp.) it SEEMS like I am leaving about 70 calories behind...thus each steak might be only 50 calories after cooking? That would also give me a healthier and less fattening lunch.

What do you think? Are the listed calories (the 120) for the raw product or the cooked one?

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