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Hi there,
I posted on the Weight Loss forum, but I think now that I found this board, it may be the more appropriate one for my needs.
I am 51 yrs. old, female, and want to get my health in a good place. I am 30 lbs. overweight and am 5'2", so it shows alot. Thankfully I started doing aerobic exercise in Jan. after having neck spinal fusion and was told to start walking everyday. I built up on the treadmill to walking at 3.5 miles an hour for 25 mins a day. Unforunately it made my upper body muscle spasms worse, so I have now switched to using a recumbent exercise bike for 30 mins. at least 6 days per week. My heart rate gets up to at least 70% of my max. heart rate, so I am good to go, there. But I have no idea how to eat. OY. I want to see a dietician but right now cant really afford it. My mother who is 77 put the fear in me because diabetes type 2 runs in the family and she just found out she has it. (and she is a petite little thing, unlike me). How do I know how much protein and carbs to eat per day. I know there are refined and unrefined carbs. I am talking about the good carbs. I know there is all this glycemic index stuff, which I am totally ignorant about. Any help would be really appreciated. My main goal is to be HEALTHY. In the old days, VANITY would be the motivator. Not any more. I thing that being healthy, the weight will drop off on its own. In other words, my dear mother scared the ^%&*( outta me!!! haha. Thanks!!!

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