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Re: Im Stumped
May 13, 2007
why can't you have something ready for him to eat on the way to his AM job? You can make homemaid egg mc muffins and wrap them up with wax paper, or lean pockets breakfast pockets. Heat it up in the mic, and hand it to him when he goes out the door. As for lunch, atleast get him some meal replacement bars, to eat, yet again in the car! I keep a stash of nuts, dried fruit, and 100 cal packs in my desk drawer, that way i can eat while I'm working. Also, I have a 32 oz water bottle on my desk, I add flavor packets to it, so i'll drink more. Also, if you must have icecream in the house, go for low fat or 1/2 calorie, ie:skinny cow, eddies slow churned 1/2 the cal icecream. if you supply your hubby with fast healthy and easy options he's bound to loose weight! does he have a fridge at work? he can stash protein shakes in there, and drink while he works. If he's willing to really loose weight, the these tips will work for him, you both just need to want it bad enough.

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