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i went to a doc when i first noticed the BO problem (this was over a year ago). he told me that he didn't think that i smelled bad and told me that it was probably all in my mind. i've done a lot of research and thought that maybe i eat too much meat and cheese and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. so i'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies and less meat and cheese since people that eat a lot of these foods tend to smell bad. I've tried every deoderant that there is and find that no matter which one i wear or how often i re-apply i still have this problem. i apply certain dri at night after i shower and before bed for a few days and then i switch to secret clinical strength. i know that i smell and that it's not in my mind. i can for one smell myself sometimes and i can tell by the way people react when they are around me. for a while i thought it was TMAU but people that have TMAU have a fishy smell and i don't think i smell fishy but more musty. So as far as my diet goes as i said before i was trying to cut out meat and cheese but i guess i need to try not to think about these foods so much and instead of completley cutting them out just try eating them in moderation and eating more fruits and veggies. thanks for your help. i guess i can also try going to the doc again but its really hard for me to talk about it.

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