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[QUOTE=FromSqueaky;3094871]Boca crumbles I am not familiar with. Boca products are for vegans made with soy or grains with spices. Some of the ingredients have hidden MSG. Unless you know what the names are you would never know that MSG is in the product. Are you sensitive to MSG? I am. [/QUOTE]

I don't have any problem with MSG so far. I don't use replacement products like Boca burgers excessively, either, but I do use them on occasion, like when I make quiche from my boyfriend (he only eats it if it has "sausage" in it) or when I'm at a barbeque and I bring along a "burger" so as to not starve.

They definitely should only be used as "transition" foods, something to eat when you get a craving or feel social pressure to eat meat but don't want to break your diet.

In this case, someone brought in Chili to work made with real meat. They told me it was made from Boca-brand fake ground beef, because he thought it would be a funny joke to make the vegetarian eat meat. When I threw up later and couldn't figure out why I was sick, he fessed up. It was pretty dumb of me to believe him, actually. A pretty bad experience, but at least the guy will never mess with me again about my diet!

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