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Re: Bloating
Sep 10, 2007
I have the same problem, I read that as the body ages it takes longer to get rid of the toxins in food. I'm 5 '4", 150 lbs. due to a knee injury that caused me to gain weight from not be able to do aerobic exercise, but it's getting better now, so I hope to start again. The bloating makes me look even heavier around the middle, I hate it!

I watch Dr. Phil, and on one segment Robin, his wife, was asked how she maintains her nice figure and she said exercise and not eating products containing gluten, and she indicated by gesturing that gluten made her bloat. I tried a few gluten free products but didn't like the taste, and now I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Have you done any research on soy? I noticed from your post that you consume it, over 93% of soy and it's derivatives are genetically modified.
I try to avoid all GMO's, the biggest offenders are soy, cotton, corn, and canola oil, it's not easy because 70% of the food in the supermarket contain
these products.

I am looking forward to see if you get any responses.

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