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does soy contain gluten?

Pure soy does not contain gluten.

Thanks for the reply, Rheanna. As I have Celiac, a number of foods contain soy. As a result, I was concerned.
Regards, Marty
Just for clarity, would you consider the genetically modified soy found in most processed foods pure? If your answer is no, does the GMO soy contain gluten?
"Genetically modified" is a general term. It doesn't say anything about [U]which[/U] genetic material has been modified. I have no idea what has been modified in any specific batch of soy or any other product. All I know is that soy has no gluten. If you wish to go out of your way to choose products that are specifically labeled "not-genetically modified" so that you can be sure that no wheat genetic material has been added to them, then that's fine. But that's a topic for another discussion. :)

Your response regarding PURE soy has no wheat confused me, and you bring out a good point that soy can be genetically modified with substances like wheat that we wouldn't be aware of unless it is labeled non-GMO or organic. I read that some soy protein has been modified in such a way (I forgot the details) that people with peanut allergies can have a reaction! They would never know what caused the reaction because peanuts wouldn't be listed on the ingredients!

I guess people with problems with a Celiac condition or food allergies would be better off buying organic or non-GMO, as we all should.

I buy non-Gmo/organic whenever possible, but it was my birthday a few days ago and I was in a rush to go to the regular supermarket to buy cake mix, and this lady came up to me looking so upset and told me not to buy it because it's full of GMO's and hydrogenated oils, etc!! I explained the situation and told her I usually shop in Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

Thanks for claifying your post for me, and sharing your knowledge!

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