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Salads are a tricky thing... many of the ones at fast food restaurants actually have a ton of calories, so you have to be careful with those. For example, some have a very unhealthy dressing or fried chicken in it. If you get a salad, stick to one with the grilled chicken and use a light dressing if possible. Anything very creamy will be higher in fat and calories. I like to buy Italian dressing (light or low fat) and I really like Ken's Light Caesar dressing. It has a ton of flavor and I like it even more than regular caesar. I also like to buy low fat ranch. I find that the low fat ones usually taste about the same... some fat free ones aren't very good though! Try to not use too much dressing either. At Chick Fil A I noticed the dressing that comes with the cool wraps has over 300 calories! I use as little as possible! You can also just get a smaller portion of what you enjoy, like a kids meal and save calories that way. Or try somewhere like Subway!

And some specifics you asked about:
For meats, stick with anything grilled or baked rather than fried or breaded. For example, a lean cut of steak (sirloin is good), baked or roasted chicken, even rotisserie chicken is pretty good for you. With leftover rotisserie chicken (the kind made at the store), you can use it for sandwiches or a wrap using a whole wheat tortilla.

Mashed potatoes would be healthier if you tried a sweet potato instead. Give them a try and see what you think. Just don't put a lot of extras in the potato b/c lots of butter and extras can add a lot of calories.

Sandwich meats are fine! I eat them all the time. Most are low in fat, but stay away from things like pepperoni, salami, and balogna because those do have more fat.

For bread, white bread isn't the best choice. Try some whole wheat bread instead. I find it more filling too. If you don't like the taste, try "white wheat bread." It tastes like white, but is healthier for you.

For your spaghetti, try a wheat pasta instead. Some of them taste almost exactly the same! For the ground meat, buy a leaner kind. I like to get the ground sirloin beef and it only costs a little more. I'm a college student and can't afford things that are expensive, but I can buy this just fine!

For eggs, if you take out the yolk or only put one yolk in for however many eggs you eat, it makes it healthier and lower in cholesterol. I often buy egg beaters or a carton of egg whites. If you like salsa, you can put some into your eggs for some veggies that will blend in.

For fitness, don't push yourself way too hard or you won't enjoy it. I like to go for walks or jogs if I'm not at the gym. You can pick up some inexpensive dumbbells and lift some weights at home too. Try to do some cardio (walking, jogging, jump rope, sports, etc) and then some strength training (weights, push ups, things like that). It's also good to do some crunches or other core workout, but keep in mind these don't give results unless you do the cardio work too.

Good luck to you!! I know you can do it. Remember to just make small changes at a time and nothing extreme. You can work your way into it.

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