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[QUOTE=rafees786;3887007]how many egg white should eat per day to be more effect am 75 kg right now with good muscles[/QUOTE]

This is difficult because it depends so much on individual circumstances like body size and activity level etc.. But I'll try to give you an idea of how you can figure it out by trial and error.

Let's assume you're about average: I would try having 4 medium to large egg whites for breakfast. Let's assume you'll also have something like a slice of whole grain bread, fruit and nuts to make it a balanced meal. Let's say you have your breakfast at about 7:30 am.. If it keeps you satisfied until lunch time at 11:30 or 12:00, then it was probably the correct amount of protein. If you don't get hungry until 1:00 pm., then you might want to cut back to 3 egg whites for breakfast. But I wouldn't go below 3.

If you get hungry at 10 am, you can either try having a small snack or increase your egg whites to 5 for breakfast. Once you get the hang of it, you can do the same for other meals.

Being that you're not eating the egg yolks, you need to get some good fat from another source. And the amount should be reasonable otherwise the above formula won't work very well. If you choose to eat some almonds, for example, about 8 should do it. With other nuts, check to see the amount of fat you would be getting and stick to a reasonable amount.

Good luck!

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