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i dont know if theres anything on eating how many eggwhites, but with whole eggs, if your cholesterol and blood lipids are healthy and within range, i would probably say 1 egg a day should be fine. thats cause the yolk has cholesterol in it, and even though its been shown that a few eggs per day don't raise cholesterol - it really also dep on your overall diet, ie. if its low in sat fat in first place.

now with eggwhites, theres no fat or carb, basically all protein, and its low in calories. you could eat as many as you wish i think, until you get to your daily protein req amount, and i dont think it would have any adverse effects. but a coupla things thou - eggwhites are actually quite high in sodium, so you should watch that. and also, getting your protein/calories from eggwhite only is not part of a very varied diet i would say. you should definitely still be eating some other foods w protein whether animal or veg, not just from eggwhites to avoid possible nutrient deficiencies and increase variety.

but otherwise , eggwhites are definitely ok if you don't overdo it :) and dont skip too many other nutritious food!
If you're working out, you can eat 2-6 egg whites per day if that's what you like. If you're not working out and not really exercising much, you don't really need the extra protein. Nutritionists will tell you the goal is to keep everything balanced. Every meal should have a serving of each - Protein, carbohydrate, and fat. If you eat more protein than carb and you're not exercising, that's okay.. but if you eat more carb than protein and you're not exercising, you'll gain.

So anyway, it all depends on your activity level, in my opinion.

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