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gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight - esp if your naturally skinny!
you should first look at you diet - are you definitely eating enough? not skipping any meals? eg cause your busy, can't be bothered etc?

when you're trying to put on weight, you should first of all AVOID doing it thru eating heaps of junk food, snacks or any processed food. of course, some are ok, but these should be kept to a minimum.

some great healthy or natural energy dense foods are like, nuts and seeds, nut spreads and peanut butter. also if you're a vegetarian, if you eat dairy or eggs that is, try full cream milk and regular cheese instead of the low fat ones and skim milk brands.
fruit and vegetables are obv still very important - and i reckon this is where the nuts and seeds part comes in , you can always add some of it to fruitsalads, stirfries etc also, try experimenting cooking with diff kinds of oil, like avocado oil, rice bran oil, macadamia oil, peanut oil, not just the usual vegetable oil - because trust me diff oils def gives diff flavours to cooked foods and salads and it makes it taste even better (when your not having the same thing over and over again)

when your gaining weight you would have to eat more than what you burn, so your body can store it as fat as well as build muscle. usually, 500 cal extra /day would be a sensible amount to gain about 1 kg/week. so many people who want to gain weight tend to eat too much and overdo it, which is very taxing on the body and can cause health problems too. i reckon eggs and nuts are great protein sources, as well as dairy products (cause im a vegetarian), but obviously if you eat meat, then i would def suggest lean meats, and trim the fat parts. and not deep fried. now, with protein , I wouldn't just say eat lots of protein. you still need a healthy balanced diet of carbs, prot and fat. you still need your carbs, preferrably from wholegrain, but some refined like white bread, white pasta, noodles rice etc is still ok.

now, diet is one part. the second is that you need to also increase your exercise, i would say mostly strength training because that will help you to build muscle while your increasing the calories. don't need to overdo it at the gym, like every single day, but for example an hour at the gym 5 days a week wouldn't be bad at all. try aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging/running too. it'll also tone your muscles.
because the thing is - you don't just want to gain FAT , even for skinny ppl, esp naturally thin ppl, gaining too much extra fat thats not actually req by the body is still not healthy. but if you do your exercise you're balancing it off and building muscle (which is far more better than just fat, plus it burns much more energy just to 'stay alive' than fat cells) . it'll also increase your metabolism, and probably help you with achieving an overall better health.

now with weight gain, you'll still have to be patient. its not going to happen overnight or just after one week or so, it takes time for it to show. plus you should maintain the healthy diet and exercise/workouts so your weight doesnt 'naturally come off' later on, or perhaps the opposite even causing you to actually gain more weight than you wanted if your not adjusting your calorie intake properly to your daily activities and such. so try and maintain it :)

now summing it up.. firstly, increase your calories/total energy from food, but it should still be a good proportion of all the macronutrients ie. carb, prot and fat. dont just focus on one.

avoid processed and fast foods etcetc, try to find and use natural foods that are energy dense such as oils, nuts, seeds. also avoid or limit butter/margarine. transfats in general
dont forget your fruit , wholegrains n veg!!!

and lastly, exercise! try building more muscle - you'll end up both bulkier/toned and healthy (rather than just sitting on the couch and eat all day lol)

but yea, good luck , hope this helps :):)

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