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Here are my opinions:

1) I work out in the morning - 7:30-9:00 - i go to the gym with empty stomach. Then i take a nice shower and have breakfast by around 9:45. The question is - is it ok / good to go to the gym with empty stomach or should i have something like sprouts 1 hour before going to the gym? This is totally up to you. If I work out on an empty stomach, I feel dizzy and faint. Some people are lucky and feel fine and prefer to have an empty stomach. If you feel fine, go for it! If not, have something small. You don't want to go on a FULL stomach though or that can be uncomfortable.

2) is it ok to have cut fruits like apple, pineapple, papaya, banana, etc for breakfast? Yes it sure is. Some people, like me, can't eat them first thing in the morning because they are too acidic on an empty stomach (pineapple is very acidic). I also enjoy blending them up into a smoothie.

3) Is it bad if i skip gym on weekends? No, it's good to have some rest time. I work out 5 times a week, but my rest days vary depending on my schedule. If you work out M-F, that is plenty. I think it's best to have at least one rest day per week.

4) I have milk right after my breakfast...someone told me you should try avoiding drinking milk right after having fruits. Is that true? Some people get an upset stomach from this. If you feel fine, then there shouldn't be a problem with it. Sometimes dairy doesn't mix well with other foods and can cause an upset stomach, but it depends on the person.

5) I eat chicken everyday for lunch and sometimes for dinner...should i try controlling that? I eat a lot of chicken too. As long as it is grilled or baked, not fried or anything, it's a very healthy choice. I also avoid eating skins on chicken. I don't make fish or anything and don't eat beef too often, so chicken is mostly what is left. Just make sure you are eating it prepared in a healthy way and are having the right serving size.

6) Is drinking beer bad if i consume it just once weekly? It's okay in moderation, but drinking a LOT of beer can cause weight gain, even just once a week. I'll admit that when I drink, I binge drink. I used to do this about once a week when I was in college. Weight loss was very difficult! Now I drink maybe about once every 2 weeks and find it easier to stay in shape. I drink liquor and I avoid high calorie, high sugar mixers. You might want to stick with a lower calorie light beer.

7) Does having protein shake help building muscles faster? I mean is excess protein bad? Protein is good when combined with strength training. Excess protein CAN be bad if you do have way too much of it. I used to have painful urination because I had too much protein. It can be tough on your kidneys. Just stay in a healthy range and you will be fine. I only lift lighter weights and then I run for my cardio, so I don't need TOO much. I love meat, protein shakes, protein bars, and most sources of protein, so I eat at the higher range of my recommended protein levels. I eat at the lower end of carbs just because I don't enjoy them as much and they make me feel bloated.

8) Once a friend of mine said, its better if i have some amount of carbohydrates right after working out. I dont understand how this is correct as i thought carbs are harmful for body...what do you suggest? Carbs aren't harmful unless they are very defined. For example, white breads or sugary foods (other than fruit) aren't a good choice. Stick with more natural and whole wheat sources. You might want to read about low glycemic carbs. These take longer to digest and don't give you that energy crash that high glycemic carbs will give you. I don't eat carbs after a workout. I used to use those gels but realized you only need them if you do over an hour of cardio at a time. I might have a small snack with a mix of healthy carbs and protein, such as an apple with peanut butter. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat a snack after working out. I think it's good to watch how much carbs you eat though. Many people have way too many of them. I just keep my carb servings smaller! If I eat a huge bowl of pasta, I feel awful. I've started only using one slice of bread and having open sandwiches even. I feel better!

Hope this helps!

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