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I agree with the other posters that hummus should be a good snack. I also suggest finding healthy items to dip in it. It's easy to get too many crackers or pita chips! I love to dip small grape tomatoes in hummus or carrot chips. Some stores sell those carrot chips cut into crinkle circles, so they make it easy for you. Baby carrots work well too. For a treat, I like to take an Ezekiel prophets bread, which is flourless and low G.I. (a whole wheat pita would be the next best thing), warm it up, and tear off pieces to dip. I just make sure to only warm up one serving size and then I don't overeat.

My favorite hummus is by the Sabra brand. I buy it at Costco in a large size for only a little bit more than the grocery store price. I used to eat Athenos, which is also good, but Sabra blew it away!!! I get the one topped with pine nuts.

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