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I always love chicken! So many ways to prepare it. Yup, Tichou, I am not a big seafood person. I usually have to be in the food for anything with a fishier taste, such as salmon or tuna. I do like it though- just not too often! I also love sushi, but I usually get the cooked variety just to be on the safe side. I absolutely love crab! I just don't really know how to prepare it and know it can be difficult. I'll definitely have to try adding in a little more seafood for something different though. I also enjoy shrimp! I used to grill shrimp with some lemon juice and it was very good, but for some reason I got tired of it quickly.

I do like turkey! Maybe I can buy a partial turkey so I don't have a roast a whole turkey and then just pick at the white meat. Turkey does make me tired though! I think it tastes great though and I like using leftovers to make turkey sandwiches. So much better than lunch meat! Luckily my grocery store does sell a decent lunch meat that isn't as high in sodium and preservatives as other brands, but it's still not the same as fresh turkey!

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