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That's interesting! I never heard of anyone growing their own kefir. They're large, healthy and pet-like? Do you give them names and take them for walks? :) I wonder what they look like. Mushrooms? It sounds like fun. :)

How did you get started? Where did you learn to do this?

Ok, here's my advice (for better or worse). If you find your home-grown kefir so objectionable (smelly), why not buy a good healthy (organic) yogurt instead?

How old is your daughter and what health problems does she have?

kefir is grown in homes all over the world.... it looks like a small cauliflower and it moves around in the jar while it is working... you could name them and take them for walks if you didn't mind looking silly.

I ordered the kefir grains online and feed them with raw sugar.
My daughter is in her 30's and has IBS and allergies, she gets sick a lot and I thought a probiotic would be good for her.

BUT I really am squeamish about bacteria, good or bad and I just need to get over it
I thought others might have experienced the same problem and have a simple solution

thanks, andrea

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