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whether it is good or bad to eat cashewnut for people having high cholestrol?
The fat in cashews is predominantly monounsaturated, which is generally considered good for blood cholesterol levels compared to other kinds of fat.

However, cashews are calorie dense, so consumption of such must be considered in the context of your entire diet. Too many calories from any source (even normally healthy foods) can lead to the accumulation of excess body fat (obesity), which is bad for blood cholesterol levels and other health aspects.
I would avoid cashew if I have high blood cholesterol, each 100 grams contains over 500 calories.
This is a very bad idea, although cashew, unroasted cashew, has many health benefits and it can counteract depression.
I've heard the opposite that it is bad to eat cashew if you have high colesterol
It's going to depend on how many servings a week you are talking about. Generally speaking, the idea is to lower or eliminate your sat fats and moderate your unsats.
I eat a whole variety of nuts in my diet, but not cashews. Cashews have a tendency for mold, as do peanuts. Those two nuts I avoid, those and a few family members . . .

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