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are you taking or have you taken beta blockers for any length of time recently? these will cause believe it or not, heart failure. these slow the heart to much and weaken it as it can't respond to training of any kind.

what your taking, coreg, is that some kind of beta blocker or heart blocker of some kind? if your take some types of calcium channel blockers they cause edema. I have taken so many kinds of bp meds I just gave it all up as a bad job. if your eating smaller more frequent meals and are insulin resistance (myself included in that) your probably, and I say probably, I am not a doctor or anything, messing with yoru insulin levels to much, eating frequently keeps the insulin levels more elevated.

of course elevated insulin levels are the symptom of insulin resistance and not necessarily the cause. in fact many bp meds cause insulin resistance or make it worse if you already have it before starting the meds. your age is a factor too, no matter what you do your going to have problems anyway, a good diet can minimize the symptoms of these.

I personally would just concentrate on eating high quality, low gi foods and eat until your satiatated and not according to any numbers of limits, if your reach a meal limit based on caloires and are still hungry eat. don't stop.

what has been working for me, which may or may not apply to you, is a low gi but making sure I eat plenty at each sitting, making sure I do not walk away from eating until food no longer appeals to me or it doesnt taste as well as before. your body can tell you when to quit if you just listen to it. I try to make sure the foods are the most nutrition dense foods I can get. and organic if I can get it.

a good article you might like to read for free is The obesity epidemice, is metabolic syndrome a nutritional deficiency. it was a real eye opener for me. these researchers are definitly thinking outside the box. also talk to yoru doctor about getting off bp meds. ace inhibitors seem to be the least edemiaic causing. beta blockers are yuck as far as I am concerned, I have done many differnt types of beta and hate them.

high bp is a symptom not a cause. if they are only treating symptoms then they are probably hindering the body's adaptive response to some threat. probably some kind of restriction somewhere or weakened blood vessels in the muscles and organs, not sure tho. you know eating alot of processed polyunsat fatty acids like cooking oils can cause inflammation in your cells increasing insulin resistance too and making cells also too mushy and when they are mushy they leak and swell with sodium. it kills the cells too. low saturated fat diets may also be the culprit too as sat fats are need to stablize cells membranes and keep them intact against virus, bacteria, sodium leakage calcium loss etc if yoru taking a choloesterol lowering medicine cholesterol is vital to all the cells it keeps the cells stiff if your not eating enough saturated fatty acids. maybe this is why some people get edema from certain bp meds. the cells are mush.also sat fats are needed to transport glucose around the cells as glucose is highly oxidative and if it oxidizes where it ought not it damages or even kills cells. fats encase the glucose until it gets whre it needs to be.

also I personally believe that the numbers for bp readings has been brought down to increase the market for bp meds. what was considered normal has been reduced and I do not believe for one moment it had to do with health but rather to increase sales of bp meds. I do not trust the medical community no more since they have proven to me they are about profits and not about real health, I mean we spend more money on health in this country but are faring way worse, rather than blame the medical community for price gouging, controling doctor supply, fudged research and studies and conflicts of interest people blame the patients for their lack of self control ro greediness in eating or some other dumb thing.

anyone who thinks outside the box is deemed a quack especially if they are getting really good results and actually helping people rather than the american medical assoications and drug companies who are probably one and the same. it is really a shame that people are suffering from treatments more than from many of the diseases they are supposedly treating.

you must find a way of eating that helps you and if eating small meals is just to hard then up the food intake per meal, you will find you won't be as hungry for longer periods of time. if your exercising naturally you will be hungrier. stay away from cooking oils fround at the grocery stores, these are heated, oxidized to the hilt to increase shelf life to like a 100 years and it is about profit not about health, these polyunsaturated fatty acids have been killed and are now rotted and that is why they have to desmell them and detasted them because they are rancid. rotten oils. these get rejected by your body and cause inflammation. stay away from high glycemic carbs.

I feel that is it no conincidence that carbs with the lowest gi tends to be the most nutrient dense. glucose is just not meant to be eaten alone by stripping carbs of these nutrients may allow corporations to save money and increase the shelf life of stuff it does nothing beneficial to us.

prepackaged foods should be limited as they add so much stuff you cant even pronounce or ever heard of before that I am sure they probably wreck havac in our bodies. stay away from grains and cereals that have been stripped of all their bran and germ and over processed with so much stuff added it boogles the mind. I like uncle same cereals and all bran type cereals.

my favorite snack is protein drink with strawberries adn bananas or blueberrires. I use a grass fed preimium whey. and almond milk with a little regular milk to make sure I get enough saturated fats. I love dark chocolate too, dark chocolate if I eat around 2-4 ounces really lowers my bp alot.

by the way stearic acid is a saturate fat found in cocoa that your heart just loves. another book I like is dr hymens ultrametabolism and the book how to be naturally thin by eating more by jean antenello, they both have websites and some free articles and videos to. I followed alot of dr hymens recommendations on some fo the foods and supplements, boy what a difference. I lost some fat because my belt became to big and I had to drop it a notch which means I lost about 2-3 inches off my buttocks, stomach. I found too my exercise response training has quadrupled, before my training response was pitiful. I sleep so much better and have more energy during the day then I used to. also my headahces have dissappeared. I seldom get that sticken jaw ache I used to get from low blood sugar.

I don't take bp meds anymore, I am sure my bp pressure is still very high, but when I go to the doctor and get my blood work done every year my stats are good, my cholesterol, etc, my triglcerides would be somewhat high but that was because that is the result of insulin resistance. if I had them checked now they probably would be reduced. my a1c I bet has improved too.

if your eating real food and listening to yoru body's cues I see no reason to restrict caloires. just eat when hungry or desire to eat and stop when your not hungry anymore. I mean what can be more simple. animals don't control their food they eat when hungry and what they are hungry for but stop when they are not. can't get any easier than that can it?


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