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I have been struggling for years to somehow eat healthy while working. I work four 12 hour shifts and stay at a hotel for those days which extremely limits my ability to prepare fresh foods to take with me, so I am basically stuck with whatever takeout I can grab. Previously my work diet has been atrocious and has now led to high blood pressure so I am looking to somehow salvage a healthy diet out of my limited options. So I came up with this...

Starbucks Yuppie Diet!

Protien Pack

Ham & Swiss Sandwich

Picnic Pasta Salad

% RDA of those combined
Vitamin A - 65%
Vitamin C - 55%
Calcuim - 32%
Iron - 35%
Fiber - 40%
Protien - 57g
Calories - 1020
Fat - 52%
Sat Fat - 50%
Cholesterol - 100%
Sodium - 59%
Carbs - 45%

This leaves me lacking in just about every vitamin and mineral but I'm already maxed on cholesterol. Which actually is OK for me. I am the type that always seems to have good cholesterol levels no matter what I eat. Its sodium I usually have a problem with. Normally the above listed meal plus two 20 oz Pepsis throughout the day (adding 500 empty calories and more carbs) is all I usually eat at roughly 1500 calories a day. Lately I have also been making Blueberry milkshakes for desert using low fat Frozen Yogurt which fills out my calcium needs and may bring my vitamins up a bit rounding out the calories at around 1800 in addition to whatever antioxidants and good stuff in blueberries.

Given that this is what I am going to eat (not much choice otherwise) what can I eat for dinner to round out this meal plan. Preferably something that doesn't require any sort of preparation. Should I just stop there and take a multivitamin and a fiber pill? Looks like I need some veggies or beans of some sort to round this out. I could drop a Pepsi to make more room for food calories which would probably be necessary. Currently I am absolutely stuffed and couldnt eat another bite for the rest of the day after just eating the 1020 calories. I almost need the pepsi calories to avoid massive weight loss. Is it ok to miss out on certain vitamins for 4 days as long as you eventually get the vitamins later in the week? And this happens every week.

Also Ive tried just about everything around that is semi healthy and these items are the only ones I can stomach as is. Anything else I'd end up taking all the nuts and dried cranberries or whatever and half the stuff off of it so I have no clue what the end nutritional value is.

I do eat fairly healthy on my off days so a lot of other nutrients like selenium I end up getting, just not every day. Is there any hope for this work diet at all or am I just stuck with bad nutrition on my work days.

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