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Some high calorie density healthy foods include fatty fish (but watch out for types of fish high in contaminants like mercury), avocados, and various kinds of nuts and nut butters. Dried fruit is also high calorie density, though if a high sugar intake is a problem for her (blood sugar, blood triglycerides, etc.), it may not be too great to eat a lot. Cheese is also high calorie density, but may not be great if blood LDL is too high. Being generous with olive oil based dressings on salads and such can also increase the calorie content of meals.

Note: "trail mix" type of foods often contain nuts and dried fruit, so they can be a quick high calorie snack. But make sure to check the ingredients to make sure that you can recognize everything in them (some have lots of weird artificial flavors and colors).

If she wants to ensure that some of the gain is muscle (highly desirable), including some strength training exercises (e.g. pushups, pullups, dips, squats, plank, etc.) and consuming foods with sufficient protein (like fatty fish in the list above) can help there.

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