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Does she have health issues related to her thinness (gets sick easily, no periods, no energy, etc...)? Has she been evaluated for a thyroid disorder?

To gain weight she should consume at least 2000 high quality calories per day. She should eat within an hour of waking up and every 2-3hrs after that. Eating six 300-350 calorie mini-meals per day is a good goal.

Some breakfast and/or mid-morning snack ideas are (about 300cals each):

[*]high calorie/high protein bars (we like builder bars)
[*]2-3 hard-boiled eggs prepared in advance (peel them the night before and put them in a ziploc baggie so she can grab them and go)
[*]yogurt with granola
[*]toast with almond butter

Even if she has to get up a little bit earlier to accomplish it. If it's important she needs to make time...there's no quick-fix on the road to gaining weight :)

Some good lunch ideas (300-350cals each):
[*]large grilled chicken salad with cheese and olive oil dressing
[*]whole grain tortilla wrap with beans/cheese, tuna, chicken, etc...
[*]beef and barley soup with a whole grain roll or biscuit
[*]rice with pork and a side of broccoli

Afternoon snack ideas (250-300cals each):

[*]protein shake
[*]cottage cheese and baby carrots
[*]hummus or cheese on whole grain crackers
[*]trail mix (any combination of nuts and dried fruit)
[*]fruit with nut butter (I like almond butter :))

Dinner ideas (350-500cals each):

[*]whole grain pasta with meat sauce and a side of steamed veggies
[*]baked salmon with rice and a side of veggies
[*]steak and potatoes with steamed veggies
[*]whole grain tuna casserole
[*]pizza with whole grain crust topped with lots of veggies

Bedtime snack ideas (250-300 cals each):

[*]whole grain cereal with milk
[*]oatmeal with buttered toast (add wheat germ, flax, and/or dried fruit to make it heartier)
[*]protein shake and a piece of fruit

Anyway, those are just a few ideas :) My husband has a hard time maintaining his weight as does his sister who is about the same size as your girlfriend (5'4" and 100lbs...she has to work to maintain that...her usual weight is 95lbs :)). My husband has to consume 3000-3500cals per day to gain's tough but it's worth it since he has more energy and doesn't get sick as easily :)

Very thoughtful of you to be thinking of her! She's sounds like a busy Mama...I hope she can slow down just a wee bit to take some time to care for herself...those kiddos need her to be healthy :)

Take Care!!

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