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If you want to do the genuine low-carb thing, you're going to have to cut way back on the the canned peaches. Just one cup of canned peaches in syrup has about 50 grams of sugar!

However, the genuine low carb thing causes kidney damage and is impossible to sustain long term, so I really recommend you do this:

1) Track what you eat and drink for a few days. Include portion sizes.

2) Add up the total calories for each day, to see what your typical daily intake is. There are many online sources for the calorie counts of different foods.

3) Subtract 500.

4) Cut steak and pork or replace meat with vegetables (especially green vegetables) until your diet is down to that smaller number.

If your activity remains constant and you cut calories by 500 per day, you should lose a pound a week. Or, you can cut calories by less than 500 and increase activity.

Also, if you are under a lot of stress right now, stress can all by itself make it harder to burn calories. You might be eating and not even really aware of it. Stress produces cortisol, which is a hormone that decreases your metabolism and increases appetite. Perhaps after finals are over, you'll be able to lose a little.

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