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[QUOTE=tUrRrRa;4753222] I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know my blood type, but it was very interesting that I seemed to fall immediately into one category/blood type's recommendations for what I know works best for my body. It was literally a perfect match from what my brother was reading to me! The foods they said would upset my stomach definitely are ones I stay away from, and it recommended lean protein from meats, which I absolutely feel works best for me or I end up not feeling satisfied from my meals, like something is just missing.[/QUOTE]

If lean protein works for you, it seems like you might be type O. Type O people are said to produce a lot of stomach acid which works well for the digestion of meat. However, some doctors have criticized this because they say type Os, on average, only produce marginally more stomach acid. And type O people, on average, will gradually produce less stomach acid as they age. So some type Os may actually produce less stomach acid than other blood types. (It's like saying that women, on average, live longer than men.)

[QUOTE]Is this an eating plan to feel and function your best and overall good health - or is it more of something for weight loss?[/QUOTE]

It's intended for both. For those who are eating a lot of processed foods, it should work very well because he mostly recommends natural whole foods.

[QUOTE]I'll definitely want to read into it more, even if the science might not be there 100%.[/QUOTE]

Sure, it's interesting to see what effects, if any, different foods will have. I used to think that grapefruit had a bad effect on me and I thought oranges were a better choice. Now I'm doing just the opposite, eating grapefruit every day and avoiding oranges. And I learned it from "Eat Right 4 Your Type". Non-sweet fruit is a better choice for health. This is backed up by books on the subject of "pH balance". Books like: "The pH Miracle"

[QUOTE]I've been doing more of listening to my body and eating foods that I know are nutritious but also work for me and make me feel my best and get my best figure.[/QUOTE]

Listening to your body sounds like a good plan. I'm a big believer in that. I'm type O so I'm supposed to eat meat, but after 3 months of eating meat and eggs, I decided to go vegan again. However, I'm still following the authors recommendations for fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and oils etc..

Science or no science, I have experienced some improvement. I used to often have a sudden extreem need to rush to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. Along with that there was some difficulty in emptying my bladder and a slight feeling of irritation. Now I seldom feel the need to rush, there's no irritation and my bladder will empty much faster, with no feeling of obstruction. But the improvement was gradual (over a period of 3 to 4 months).

More thoughts about D'Adamo's blood type diet:

If D'Adamo's "scientific" observation isn't valid (i.e., laboratory testing of isolated lectins with various blood types visible under a microscope), how did he come up with the various lists of foods for different blood types? He claims he actually observed agglutinating cells taking place with incompatible combinations.

Did he just arbitrarily make up all those long lists of foods for various blood types? I don't think so and the 2 reviews I read don't suggest that he did. The anonymous (on-line) reviewers conveniently chose not to deal with it; they just completely ignore the microscopic evidence. Then, after ignoring it, they claim there's no evidence.

I understand that they (whoever they are) have a lot of objections. Probably the biggest objection would be that D'Adamo's plan is impractical from the standpoint of a medical doctor (or the AMA). Medical doctors are not dietitions or nutritionists. Furthermore, once you develop a disease or certain conditions of advanced aging, you can't always expect to be helped by following the blood type diet. In some cases, for example, a type O person may have to stop eating meat if their stomach acid declines with age. What it means is that D'Adamo's diet plan isn't fool-proof. It doesn't work in all situations.

However, as far as I'm concerned, as long as no one is claiming that D'Adamo's microscopic evidence is false, I'll continue to follow his dietary recommendations. Why consume food-lectins that your immune system sees as enemy invaders? Why put an unnecessary burden on your immune system? This blood type diet may not always cure what's ailing you but it may give you a better chance at being healthy.

Once again. if it wasn't for the different blood types, the dietary recommendations would be the same for everyone. The recommendations are not the same because he noticed different (microscopic) reactions that food-lectins have to different blood types. The reviewers did NOT refute that.

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