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OK so i've had a sort of tumultuous experience with weight loss, diet, foods, etc. I am kind of agfraid of food now, to be honest and i'm trying hard to just stay healthy...

The thing that i've always wondered about is Carbs. carbs carbs carbs, everyone flips out about carbs! All the teen nutrition guides say that our diets should be like 50 percent carbs. If even says that for people that are sedentary!
But isnt that wrong? I mean if you dont need those carbs and you make it your main focus of your diet, arent you going to GAIN weight?

Then i read about carb cycling and macro cycling, or eating more carbs on workout days and less on non workout days.

My questions are:

-Does a 1 hour zumba class count as a workout day? (intense aerobics)
-I do zumba every other day, but i try to play my zumba video game (addicted to zumba!) on the days i dont do it. When i play that, it's a 45 minute session. I believe this could be considered a non workout day, correct?
-If i were to eat 50 percent carbs on workout days and 25-30 percent carbs on non workout days, is that ok, and should i up my fat intake or protein intake (because the rest of those calories need to come from somewhere!)
-should i lower fat intake on non workout days? like to 25 percent?

PS- i try to do basic bodyweight strength exercises- pushups, crunches, planks, lunges, etc everyday. It usually lasts 10-20 minutes.

Also, in case you want to know my measurements, i'll tell you them, but i cant gaurantee my weight. This is because i have had a chronic constipation issue for almost a year, and im still seeing doctors about it, and my weight fluctuates anywhere from 105-115.

The rest of my measurements:
height: 5'4.5"
age: 14
sex: female

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