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I'm desperate and if ANYONE can shed some light on this for me, please do! For 2 years now I have had no sense of fullness after eating and I'm talking any size meal. I found a post from someone who had the same issue and I can't seem to get ahold of them. Anyway it's not excessive hunger, I just don't get that "belly full" feeling, as it's desensitized. I have tried all sorts of food combinations, high fiber, high protein etc. However, I am going to a weight loss doctor (been slightly overweight throughout my life) and I'm losing weight on a high protein, low carb diet and yet I have not regained the sensation. I'm literally at my witts end and even the doctor doesn't seem to have any ideas. I know it's not GERD (I've heard the acid in your stomach can eat up the food so fast before you sense fullness) because I have no heartburn symptoms and I am healthy all around thank God. The doctor even agreed it wasn't GERD. I go from hungry to not hungry and I know when to stop eating because I'm not hungry anymore and these size portions before was enough to make me feel full, not stuffed like at Thanksgiving. We take for granted the small things in life and this depresses and frustrates me and I just don't know what happened? Anyone's help would be appreciated...thank you so much!

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